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I am a Muslim Asian Woman, with many years in education teaching Science and Science related courses. I am a Campaigner a Lecturer and a Writer.
I was diagnosed with Acute Pro Myeloid Leukaemia (also known as AML-M3/
APML/APL) in February 2006. I subsequently relapsed in 2007 and again in
2008, whilst still on Chemotherapy. I received a Bone Marrow Transplant from
a sibling donor at the end of 2008 at the world renowned Royal Marsden Cancer
Institute and Hospital, and was treated with Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy,
throughout this period. I experienced remission for one year whilst on Immuno-suppression therapy, before I learnt my Leukaemia had relapsed again that was in June 2010.

I have so far spent 26 months in hospital in the past five years. Most
of those days were in Isolation in a clean room, to avoid infection. When I am not an In-Patient, I attend the Haematology Oncology Clinic on average three times a week. I have had 57 pelvic Bone Marrows and 1 Sternum Bone Marrow, nine Lumbar Punctures and many other invasive procedures. I am the only person on record in the UK who has been diagnosed with APML, and relapsed four times in five years. To relapse post transplant is a rarity.

I rediscovered my love for writing, which I had abandoned during my career
and life before Leukaemia, and found it to be a great way to escape some of the
difficulties and uncertainty I experienced whilst spending month after month in
a isolated Leukaemia Unit in London.

I found writing to be both cathartic and creative, as writing transported me
emotionally and mentally away from my Leukaemia frame of mind and clinical
environment into a world of possibilities. Writing whilst in the Leukaemia ward
was a distraction and a way to explore my imagination. I am looking to be published soon, as my “Leukaemia Diaries” have been very popular on social network sites

Throughout my own personal Cancer experience I have been privileged to
become involved in many campaigns bringing the issues I face to greater
attention. Issues which have been considered taboo such as my battle with
Leukaemia, Blood donation, Bone marrow donation, and the lack of ethnic
donors on the lists in the UK, Europe, and Globally. (I personally had no match
in the World Bank.) Cancer Awareness, Chemotherapy side effects, Alopecia and
many more.  You can follow me on Twitter, become my friend on FaceBook read my blogs and follow my story.

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Ny Gani

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