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Ignorance is racism

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Shilpa you have exposed the social and moral decline that has become a cancer of the “Great” British public, you have stood up against, what was suppose to be what “we” aspire to be, a manufactured pop tart, a WAG topless model, beauty contest cheat, and a woman most famous for showing her privates on display.

We were suppose to look up to these scum, and you threatened them, with your class, culture, manners, beliefs, cohesion and self respect. i am proud of you and thank you for exposing western society for what it has become. what is happening to you is racially motivated, its ignorance and a total and utter lack of respect and humanity. at the least its xenophobic at its worse all is missing is the skinheads and bats, its mob mentality and its sickening to watch.
but you will leave the big brother house and you will have no conception of the icon you will have become. it has become nothing short of an international incident. you will be more loved and respected and admired. but mostly you will have been the catalyst that makes all British society embarrassed of the shameless way in which it has celebrated pure trash. i long for the days when Britain led the way in manners and justice, liberty and fairness. just like all things that were once British surely we cannot loose this to the east.

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  1. Jal says:

    This is not the “dark side of multilingualism”, it’s the dark and inronagt side of bureaucracy. The only similar thing I encountered when my girls were growing up bilingual in France was their reluctance to let their primary school fellows know that they spoke another language, for fear of being viewed as different. One can perhaps forgive the kids for their instinctive xenophobia, but are forced to conclude that the schools examiner has the intellect of 10-year-olds. It reminds one of the old adage: what do you call someone who speaks three languages – trilingual; two languages – bilingual, one language – American…

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